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Main Benefits And Drawbacks Of Search Engine Optimisation
Search engine optimisation is a set of measures that help a website improve its positions in Google and in other search engines. It can bring very nice revenue to a website, provided that it is done the right way. It all starts with the choice of keywords to try to rank for. They can make it or break it, so one should never underestimate their importance. The best search terms should have big search volumes and fairly low competition. In addition, they have to bear a purchasing intent. If they are purely informative, they aren’t probably used by people who are in the good stage of the buying cycle. Anyway, search engine optimisation has some benefits and some drawbacks worth taking a look at.
The biggest benefit is that SEO can be an excellent source of incoming traffic. Once you manage to get high rankings for terms with high search volumes, you can be positive you are going to see a more or less steady flow of visitors. Moreover, if you’ve picked your keywords properly, these visitors are going to generate sales. Converting them into customers is your job, so you still have to take care of it. However, these people are already in need for your product or service, and they have been it the right moment of the consumer buying cycle when they’ve found your website. It’s already known that organic search traffic has one of the highest conversion rates, thus being highly desirable.
The other advantage of SEO is that results tend to stick for a long time, without a big investment in maintenance. You need to keep on building links and adding more content, but the effort is nowhere close to the one required to push your pages to the top of search engines. On the contrary, search engine marketing stops making you money the very moment you stop pumping money into your campaigns. This is why most business owners wish to get good rankings, some of them being willing to pay a lot of money to achieve their objectives.
The main drawback of SEO is that it is a long-term process. You have to invest in it quite heavily right from the beginning, but the results may become visible only after six months to one year. This is a very long time to wait, especially in case of small businesses that can’t invest so much money without seeing anything in return.
The other drawback is that you can never know when an algorithm change is going to come around. Moreover, you won’t know if and how hard it is going to hit you. There are many examples of solid online businesses that went bankrupt when Google launched its algorithm updates. They have sour memories of Panda and Penguin, the first two updates that created panic among internet marketers and SEO experts a few years ago.
Nonetheless, SEO is a must-have for a business, as its benefits are too good to be overlooked. However, you should always be prepare for a disaster, so you shouldn’t rely on organic search as your main source of traffic.